Why learn about firmware?
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Why learn about firmware?

In this day and age most software engineering jobs are web development and other high end fields.

This means markets such as firmware development are in demand, learning skills such as the C programming language, kernel development, firmware development will play an important role in securing a high paying position.

But most importantly you should learn about firmware because you have an interest in it, if you really want to understand how machines work then we recommend our assembly language course: https://dragonzap.com/course/x86-assembly-language

Also our C programming course: https://dragonzap.com/course/c-programming-in-windows

Want to take it further and learn kernel development as well? Then this is the course for you: https://dragonzap.com/course/building-linux-kernel-module

Our final course we recommend for learning about firmware is our Arduino course: https://dragonzap.com/course/arduino-firmware-programming-with-electronics-schematic-and-pcb

Having an understanding of assembly language, the C programming language, kernel development and firmware development are cruical for understanding firmware properly

Having read the entire article we have a reward for you, all four courses for just £14.00 right here and right now:  https://dragonzap.com/bundle/low-level-cluster-bundle







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