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This course is intended to teach you x86 assembly programming. This course teaches you how processors work and how machine code is possible. We start the course using an emulator for the legacy Intel 8086 processor.

Since we start the course with an emulator it allows me to pause the machine at any moment in time and show you exactly what is going on.

After you learn all about the legacy 8086 processor and how to program assembly for it we then move to the modern processors of today and start writing assembly for those. You are taught how to write 32 bit programs for Windows machine's and most importantly how to communicate with C programs using assembly language.

This course recommends that you have some prior experience in the C programming language or at the very least some programming experience in another language. The reason for this is because part two of the course when I teach modern assembly I reference the C programming language quite a lot since we write assembly that can talk with C.


Introduction Video Music: https://www.bensound.com

What you'll learn

  • How to use Emu8086 to create assembly programs for the 8086 processor

  • All about segmentation in Intel processors

  • Subroutines and return addresses

  • Talking with a C program using assembly

  • Understanding disassembly

  • How to use NASM Assembler

  • All about registers in a processor and how they can be useful for storing temporary information

  • All about interrupts

  • The stack

  • Talking with an assembly program using C

  • Understanding how GCC compiler can create machine code that can call our assembly functions


  • Basic C knowledge is recommended if not C then at least some experience in another programming language

  • A drive to solve problems. Assembly is nothing like any other language, I will teach you what I know but you have to be willing to pay attention and try again if you mess up

Who this course is for

  • Beginner Assembly Programmers

  • People wishing to pursue a career in embedded development

  • People interested in how the processor works

Course Content

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Daniel McCarthy

Dragon Zap Instructor

I am a software engineer that has been programming for 14+ years. My experience is vast and covers web development all the way to compiler and interpreter development. I have also developed bootloaders and kernels that can boot from the FAT(File Allocation Table) filesystem.
I have developed two programming languages of my own. One is called Craft language. The other is called Marble which is a web language like PHP. I am currently developing a C compiler.
I have experience in the following programming languages: C, C++, Java, x86 Assembly language, PHP, HTML5, JAVASCRIPT, CSS, Craft, Marble
I also have programmed Linux kernel modules professionally in the workplace.
These days I am focused on providing my years of expertise to students to help them grow as professional software engineers.

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Review by Edward Nyirenda

Edward Nyirenda

Have come to believe and understand that learning to program computer systems at a low level is not as confusing as i thought, it is, only when the person teaching himself is confused, and does not know much about the subject. I held myself back for so long, reading from one article to the other, not until a friend referred me to this course. It is the greatest Assembly Language course i ever took. Thanks to the instructor for such beautiful content! Am now writing boot loaders and more.

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