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It's time to finally master the C programming language. Dan, your tutor, has been developing in the C programming language for over ten years and has a lot of experience to give. In this course you will learn C programming on Windows. What makes this course different from the others is that you will actually use the compiler. An IDE will just not do it for us. We will be using the compiler ourselves this will give you the experience you need to manually use the GCC compiler. Be A Pro.

This course will teach you everything about the C programming language, you will be taken through the basics all the way to more complicated concepts such as functions, pointers and library development. Best of all this course is made to be beginner friendly.

We end this course by creating a book program that allows a user to create books, save them to disk and then read them again.

Once you have finished this course you will be experienced in the C programming language and will have no trouble moving forward with your own personal projects. This course is great for students who need that extra push

This course is beginner friendly regardless of your current skill level


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What you'll learn

  • How to program in the C programming language

  • Every part of the C programming language its self

  • All about pointers/structures


  • Be able to follow the course all the way through, every lecture pushes you a little more further

Who this course is for

  • C Programmers Who Want To Master The Language

Course Content

About the instructor

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Daniel McCarthy

Dragon Zap Instructor

I am a software engineer that has been programming for 14+ years. My experience is vast and covers web development all the way to compiler and interpreter development. I have also developed bootloaders and kernels that can boot from the FAT(File Allocation Table) filesystem.
I have developed two programming languages of my own. One is called Craft language. The other is called Marble which is a web language like PHP. I am currently developing a C compiler.
I have experience in the following programming languages: C, C++, Java, x86 Assembly language, PHP, HTML5, JAVASCRIPT, CSS, Craft, Marble
I also have programmed Linux kernel modules professionally in the workplace.
These days I am focused on providing my years of expertise to students to help them grow as professional software engineers.

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Course Rating


Review by Sriram J

Sriram J

Very useful course for an intro to C

Review by Khaled Mustafa

Khaled Mustafa

This a decent 5-hour course it taught me a lot, for someone who had a previous interaction with C, so it makes a good refresher course, but not suitable for a beginner who never had any C interaction before. And if a beginner wants to take this course it will provide a great overall view of the C programming language.

Review by Balor Price

Balor Price

Not bad! Immediately useful for me as I hadn't installed a C compiler on a modern machine, and the environment variables always confused me. It's hard to cover a lot of ground in a short course too. I wish there were more stars here, but unfortunately there are some gaps that make this perfect for intermediate C programmers doing a refresher, but not suitable for true beginners: * No resources for checking against or summaries of learning to check against. A GitHub repository would be extremely useful for checking your code against. The video goes so quickly you can't keep up if you try to type-along. And remembering in which video a little tip was covered is basically impossible. * No task-driven learning (ie questions to practice your skills), only copying the example in the video. Unfortunately, passive learning is not succifient - active repetition is essential. * Needs more detail on maths processing, especially floats and doubles, and the maths.h library * Any indication how to research library functions. This remains my biggest problem with C programming. That said, I did learn a bunch of things (preprocesor stuff) and what's covered is done pretty well. Thanks.

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  • Lectures 45
  • Duration 5 hours
  • Skill level All levels
  • Language English

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