Intro to Game Development using Unity - Part I

Ken DeVellis

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Ken DeVellis

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A 2D game will be developed from scratch and you’ll quickly learn the basics of game development and more.

Perfect for Middle and High School students and just about anyone else who wants to get started developing games. No programming experience at all is required - just an interest in creating a game in Unity, the same software used to create Pokemon Go and so many other best selling games! You’ll painlessly learn the basics of scripting too, because the videos introduce scripting as necessary along the way in both Part I and Part II of the course.

You’ll be amazed at how fast you can learn Unity. And, you’ll quickly become confident with all the game-creating basics. The pace of each video is designed for ease of learning, and not designed to cram as much as possible into each lesson. As an option, for those of you who want to continue game development using more features of Unity, the Part II course is available to add to your journey…

(BTW, the 2D game developed in this series is based on the Flappy Worms game on Google Play).

What are students saying about this course?

AWESOME!!!!!! This tutorial is clear and easy to understand. You have explained everything perfectly and I had no problems at all as well as in the last few tutorials. I have got to understand about developing games and I love it.

- The video has very good graphic's quality

- The sound is clear

- You speak nice a slow which makes me understand everything really easily

- This tutorial is really for the very beginners and I have learned new thing without problems at all.

PS: I was trying to search tutorials like this for weeks and now I found your videos, You won't even believe how proud am I because I would like to be a software or a game developer. Sorry for my English, but I am still learning. Thank You !  BlenderModeling CZ


A PC or laptop computer

Download and install Unity (see lesson 2)


Who This Course is For

This course is for complete beginners with no programming experience

Teenagers, middle and high school students, artists, hobbyists, and others will get a gentle introduction to game development

This course is not for users already familiar with developing games using Unity

What You Will be Learn

Build a basic 2D game using Unity with knowledge and confidence.

Use your new Unity skills to create your own games.

Gain an understanding of the game development process.

Use your Unity knowledge to rapidly launch into learning Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Reality (AR/VR/MR) development and more.

Ken DeVellis

Dragon Zap Instructor

5.00 Star Rating

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Dragon Zap Instructor

Ken DeVellis has been involved in software development for over 25 years and has provided software training for about 1/3 of his professional life. Having a passion for teaching and sharing, he's been around the world hosting software training classes to companies and individuals and now is delighted to reach even more students with his online courses. Ken’s latest game app is called ‘Flappy Worms’ (on the Google Play app store) and he’s now developing a suite of Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Reality (AR/MVR/MR) games using Unity. One of Ken’s fundamental philosophies in life is this: “Knowledge is of little value until it’s shared”. Ken’s interest in teaching software technology and game development holds true to this philosophy. He has a natural talent to speak clearly and explain complex topics at the right level to every learner in his classes.


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Really good course! The instructor knows how to explain the many aspects of Unity in a completely understandable way. I’ve learned so much about 2D game development - I highly recommend this course to any beginner interested in learning Unity and the basics of how to build games.


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