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In this course you will learn all about multi threading in Java taught by an expert with over 13 years experience at the time of course creation.


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Daniel McCarthy

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Daniel McCarthy is a seasoned software engineer, boasting an impressive career spanning over 14 years in the industry. Holding a Master's Degree in Advanced Computer Science from Cardiff Metropolitan University, his broad spectrum of experience encompasses everything from web development to complex compiler and interpreter development. Daniel has honed his skills in bootloader and kernel development. In testament to his proficiency in the field, he has designed two proprietary programming languages: Craft, a general-purpose language, and Marble, a web-focused language akin to PHP. Moreover, he has successfully developed compilers for the C programming language. A testament to his versatility, Daniel demonstrates proficiency in an extensive list of programming languages that includes C, C++, Java, x86 Assembly language, PIC assembly, SQL, PHP, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, and of course, his own creations, Craft and Marble. His professional portfolio also includes the development of Linux kernel modules, a task he has executed with proficiency in a professional context. Currently, Daniel is channeling his wealth of experience and expertise into the education sector, with the aim of nurturing the next generation of professional software engineers.


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I have read, and watched many articles and videos on Java Multi Threading. I mean it was hard to grasp the whole concept, what threads are? What do they do? And more importantly, their implementation, how one would go about using threads in their programs. It was not until i found, and bought this course, it was so delightful, a journey fraught with tribulations finally paying off, trying different things. I thought i will lose money, not knowing it was the other way around, this course gave me more than i spent on it. Thanks!


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