Course Description

* The course basically teaches how to convert numbers in one base (decimal, binary, octal & hexadecimal) to other base (decimal, binary, octal & hexadecimal).

* Using animation in power point, conversions are shown step by step in an interesting way that retains students attention

* The course not only shows number conversion for whole number but it also shows conversions for floating point numbers as well.

* Lots of examples are provided dealing with integers as well as fractional numbers to master conversions.

* For those student who are unfamiliar with number systems, brief summary is provided in the start to help them in revising the basics

* Course duration is only 2.5 hours so consequently students can cover conversions in one week if given sufficient time to the course.

* The Course offers 3 assignments and a quiz to revise the concepts taught in the course in an efficient way

* Power point slides are provided in the resources section of the course

The course covers following conversions

Binary to decimal and decimal to binary

Binary to octal and octal to binary

Binary to Hexadecimal and hexadecimal to binary

Decimal to binary and binary to decimal

Decimal to octal and octal to decimal

Decimal to hexadecimal and hexadecimal to decimal

Octal to binary and binary to octal

Octal to decimal and decimal to octal

Octal to hexadecimal and hexadecimal to octal

Hexadecimal to binary and binary to hexadecimal

Hexadecimal to decimal and decimal to hexadecimal

Hexadecimal to octal and octal to hexadecimal

What you'll learn

  • Computer science, programming, engineering, maths or electronics students who want to learn number conversions.


  • Students should know what are the four main number systems in computer, what is binary & units of data... although i revised these topics in the start for those who do not have pre-requisite knowledge

Who this course is for

  • People who want to learn mathematical numerical systems

Course Content

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Sara Naseem

Dragon Zap Instructor

Being a computer science engineer, my qualification is BS(Honors) and MS in Computer Science with 3.95 CGPA from University of Engineering and Technology Lahore and University of Management and Technology Lahore respectively. I have been a teacher in GIFT university Gujranwala and taught computer related subjects to students of BBA And BSc computers. I published my research paper titled as E-Registration: A Solution to Voter’s Registration and presented in COMSATS University, Lahore.

Teaching is my passion and I did not want to limit myself to the people around my domain. Udemy provides a platform to connect to millions of students worldwide through your knowledge and that’s why I am here. Programming is the most favourite part for me in Computer Sciences and I tried my level best to teach you as easily as possible. I hope you will like my courses and you learn them using minimum time and effort.

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