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Do you want to become a Spring Developer with lots of high-demand skillsets in your toolbox? Do you want to learn how Spring Framework and Spring Boot works? You should definitely join me where we will be diving deep into the Spring Framework and Spring Boot and develop Spring MVC, Spring Data, Spring REST applications and much more starting from scratch!

List of technologies we will cover in this course is huge. Covering everything with Spring technology stack, to combine all the technologies we learned, we will buid a full-featured, production-grade Spring MVC CRUD application where we will use Spring Data, Spring RESTSpring MVC, Thymeleaf, HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap! So we will also get a taste of UI and Front-End development too with Spring!

First, we will start by setting up our development environment. To set things up, I will show you how you can prepare your environment both on Windows and MacOS. We'll then learn and understand how Spring Framework and Spring Boot works. We will discover the architecture of Spring Framework and Spring Boot and how everything amazingly work together and handled by the framework itself. We will make use of Spring Initializr to create all of our applications and I will teach you how you can make the most out of it. We will use both use IDE version of Spring Initializr and also start dot spring dot io. We will also learn to how to build and package our application with Maven. Then we will start by developing our first Spring Boot application! After our first application, we will start digging into Spring Boot more and learn how Dependency Injection(DI) and Inversion of Control(IoC) works. Learning DI and IoC is a crucial process in learning how Spring works and to actually work with it. When we understand DI and IoC, we will discover the world of Spring Profiles and Spring Configuration. We will activate profiles and learn how to configure our application for our specific needs.


When we grasp the inner workings of Spring, we will start developing our first web application with Spring MVC and Thymeleaf. When we're implementing, you will understand what each and every component is and how to handle static content like Javascript, CSS, Images and much more in our application. Most importantly, you will understand what templating is and how to dinamicaly bind data to HTML pages.


After we finish our first Spring MVC application, we will learn and understand how Spring Data and JPA works and to actually implement them, we will connect to databases, create entities and repositories and persist data with Spring Data and JPA.


On top of Spring Data, we will build a RESTful API following the standards in the real-world use-cases. We will create controllers and implement all the important HTTP operations such as GET, POST, PUT and DELETE. After finishing our implementation, we will take safety measures for our RESTful API and implement ControllerAdvice and error-handling. After handing errors for our RESTful API, we will take a step back and refactor our code.


When we finish developing our RESTful API, we will take a bold step ahead and combine all the knowledge we had throughout the course to develop a full-featured Spring MVC CRUD application with a beautiful UI! We'll make use of Spring Boot, Spring Data, Spring REST, Spring MVC, Thymeleaf, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap and much more!


We are not done yet! At the end of "Bring it All Together" section. We will move on with "Extras" section where we will discover lots of other great technologies and libraries we can use in our applications. To see our changes in any application and most importantly in web applications, we will discover Spring Dev Tools and Live Reload. We will also nicely document our RESTful API with Swagger where we can navigate and interact with our API. To understand the metrics of our application, we will discover Spring Actuator and kepp track of everything going on with our application. We will also learn another cool feature of Spring as it is the Spring Scheduler. With Spring Scheduler, it is really easy to schedule and trigger actions for specific timelines in any application. Then we will discover the beauty of Project Lombok to get rid of lots of boilerplate code in our application. And finaly, we will combine Thymeleaf with Spring Email capabilities to template and deliver HTML5 emails from our application.


Finally, do not forget that Udemy offers you the lifetime access to course contents from either desktop, tablet and your mobile. By taking this course, you can learn Spring technologies anywhere at your own pace and play again and again to grasp every single detail!


Again, we have a huge list of technologies that we are going to cover in this course. Spring is in huge demand these days thanks to Spring Boot and all of its offerings. If you want to jumpstart your career with Spring then join me in this course and take a huge step forward for becoming an amazing Spring Developer! 


Students should be familiar with Java Programming Language

A computer that can run Java and any Java IDE like IntelliJ or Eclipse

Who This Course is For

Students who want to jumpstart their career as a Spring Developer

Students want to learn Spring and Spring Boot

Students new to Spring and Spring Boot technologies

Experienced developers who want to learn Spring Framework and Spring Boot technologies

What You Will be Learn

Ways to get up and running with Spring Boot

Understand how Spring and Spring Boot works

Work with Spring Profiles and Spring Configuration

Develop Spring MVC Application from scratch

Connect to databases with Spring Data and JPA

Create repositories and manage entities

Develop a full-fledged RESTful API

Understand HTTP Request and Response lifecycles

Work with REST Template, Netflix Feign Client and Eureka Server

Develop a full-featured Spring MVC CRUD application with latest technologies

See changes instanlty with Spring Dev Tools and LiveReload

Document your RESTful API with Swagger

Schedule actions and events with Spring Scheduler

Template and send emails with Thymeleaf and Spring Mail

Niyazi Erdogan

AWS Certified Solutions Architect, Software Engineer

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Hi, I'm Niyazi Erdoğan. I'm a software engineer and AWS Certified Solutions Architect with over ten years of experience in various fields. I'm living in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Istanbul. I'm a self-taught programmer and I've been programming since I was in middle-school. My experience ranges from embedded development to server-side and client-side development technologies. I started my career while I was only a student as a Java Developer in healthcare industry as a private contractor. Then I moved in to the largest telecommunication company of Turkey which is Turkcell. After several years and various different positions at Turkcell, I moved in to Portugal and worked for another large telecommunication company for several years with Java technologies. After the telecommunication industry experience and several different experiences, I joined one of the largest companies of its sectors which is Siemens. I currently works at Siemens working with various Java and Cloud technologies Besides my day job, I really enjoy developing software with lots of different technologies.On the other hand, I do love to follow tech conferences and blogs about latest technologies and tools. I also like to read books within or without my field of expertise and love to watch series like Westworld and Game of Thrones. And I make sure that I stay healthy with daily walking, running and workout.


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