ChatGPT Assistants Build A PHP Laravel Weather A.I Chat bot!

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Dive into the world of artificial intelligence with our course "ChatGPT Assistants Build A Laravel Weather A.I. Chat bot!" specially designed for beginners interested in developing AI-driven applications. This course offers a practical introduction to building intelligent chatbots, utilizing the Laravel framework and OpenAI's Assistant APIs.


We begin by introducing you to "Betty," your first chatbot. Betty is designed to be your personal assistant, proficient in managing your calendar entries. You will learn the ins and outs of PHP, Laravel's robust framework, and OpenAI's Assistant APIs, which form the backbone of Betty's functionality. Through building Betty, you'll grasp the essentials of user intent recognition, natural language processing, and task automation.

After mastering the basics with Betty, the course shifts gears to a more challenging task – constructing a weather assistant bot. This bot is capable of fetching real-time weather conditions from any city in the world. To achieve this, we will leverage the OpenWeatherMap API, integrating it seamlessly with our chatbot to provide instant weather updates upon request.

Throughout the course, you'll engage with key programming concepts and learn to navigate APIs, ensuring your bots can retrieve, process, and deliver information efficiently. By the end of this course, not only will you have built two functional chatbots, but you'll also have acquired the foundational skills necessary to expand into more complex bot development projects.

Join us as we embark on this programming adventure to unlock the full potential of chatbots in the digital world!


Daniel McCarthy your teacher, a seasoned software engineer with extensive real-world experience, has designed this outstanding course to facilitate learning in artificial intelligence. Many of his video courses have achieved bestseller status.


You must have decent knowledge in the PHP programming language

Laravel framework experience is recommended or alternatively some experience with MVC frameworks

Ubuntu operating system is required, can be installed for free on a virtual machine such as Virtual Box

Who This Course is For

People interested in artifical intelligence

People interested in LLMS(Large language Models)

Software Engineers who want to build chatbots for their websites.

What You Will be Learn

How to build GPT3 and GPT4 Assistants in PHP

How to use Open Weather Map API to obtain accurate weather information

How to use OpenAI ChatGPT Api's

How to integrate your own custom ChatGPT chatbot into your website

Daniel McCarthy

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Daniel McCarthy is a seasoned software engineer, boasting an impressive career spanning over 14 years in the industry. Holding a Master's Degree in Advanced Computer Science from Cardiff Metropolitan University, his broad spectrum of experience encompasses everything from web development to complex compiler and interpreter development. Daniel has honed his skills in bootloader and kernel development. In testament to his proficiency in the field, he has designed two proprietary programming languages: Craft, a general-purpose language, and Marble, a web-focused language akin to PHP. Moreover, he has successfully developed compilers for the C programming language. A testament to his versatility, Daniel demonstrates proficiency in an extensive list of programming languages that includes C, C++, Java, x86 Assembly language, PIC assembly, SQL, PHP, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, and of course, his own creations, Craft and Marble. His professional portfolio also includes the development of Linux kernel modules, a task he has executed with proficiency in a professional context. Currently, Daniel is channeling his wealth of experience and expertise into the education sector, with the aim of nurturing the next generation of professional software engineers.


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