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Learn to create your very own C compiler from scratch. In this course we develop a compiler that compiles a subset of the C Programming Language. By the time you finish all modules of this course you will be able to compile C programs that use pointers, structures, unions, arrays, functions, for loops, while loops. do while loops, if statements, switches and much more!  This course includes all course modules!

Our compiler also has a preprocessor macro system allowing you to include header files and create definitions just like you would in any C file.

Your compiler is advanced enough to use the GCC standard library so we are able to call C functions from our compiler. Your compiler will be able to compile the C programming language.

This course does not rely on any frameworks we do everything from scratch to ensure the best possible learning experience for students

Module 1

In module 1 of this course we load our C source file that we wish to compile, into memory. We create a lexer to preform lexical analysis on the source input which will convert the source code into a bunch of tokens that our compiler can easily understand. We then pass the tokens through a parser to produce an abstract syntax tree. An AST describes the C program in a logical way that makes it easier for our compiler to understand. For example for the expression 50 + 20 you will end up with a root expression node that has a left operand that has a node of value 50 and a right operand that has a node of value 20. Breaking down problems in this way makes it much easier to create compilers.

Module 2

In module 2 of this course we create a code generator that produces 32 bit Intel assembly language that can then be passed through an assembler to produce a program binary that we can run. We also in this module create a resolver system which is responsible for taking a complicated expression such as "a->b.c.e[50] = 50" and breaking it down into simple steps and rules that our code generator can then easily follow. This abstraction is essential to ensure that the code generator does not become over complex. With the use of a resolver system we can ensure the code base remains clean.

Module 3

In module 3 of this course we create a preprocessor and macro system. This preprocessor system allows us to include header files in our C programs and also use a variety of macro keywords such as "#define" "#ifdef" , "sizeof" and many more.

Module 4

In module 4 we build a semantic validator which validates our C code. A semantic validator ensures that we are not setting variables that do not exist or accessing structures that arent there.

This is the only video course in the world that shows you how to create a C compiler, come and learn today!


You must have a basic experience of assembly language.

Who This Course is For

People with an interest in compiler design

People who are interested in assembly language

People who are interested in the C Programming language

What You Will be Learn

How to build a C compiler from scratch

Full understanding of stackframes and how assembly language is generared for a C source file

Complete Understanding of lexical analysis and parsing

Stronger Assembly language skills will be gained

Compiler Design

Daniel McCarthy

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Daniel McCarthy is a seasoned software engineer, boasting an impressive career spanning over 14 years in the industry. Holding a Master's Degree in Advanced Computer Science from Cardiff Metropolitan University, his broad spectrum of experience encompasses everything from web development to complex compiler and interpreter development. Daniel has honed his skills in bootloader and kernel development. In testament to his proficiency in the field, he has designed two proprietary programming languages: Craft, a general-purpose language, and Marble, a web-focused language akin to PHP. Moreover, he has successfully developed compilers for the C programming language. A testament to his versatility, Daniel demonstrates proficiency in an extensive list of programming languages that includes C, C++, Java, x86 Assembly language, PIC assembly, SQL, PHP, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, and of course, his own creations, Craft and Marble. His professional portfolio also includes the development of Linux kernel modules, a task he has executed with proficiency in a professional context. Currently, Daniel is channeling his wealth of experience and expertise into the education sector, with the aim of nurturing the next generation of professional software engineers.


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It would be of great value if the course had some theoretical background on compilers.

Great course.

Hello Daniel, Thank you for this amazing course, I hope that you can add part 2 where we learn how to complete it fully including an assemblre or linking library instead of relying on nasm and gcc-multilib so we can make it cross platform. Kind Reagrds, Fedi

I first bought this course on Udemy. After watching it a few minutes I realized that this course phenomenal, so bought all modules. I just started to learn C, so it's challenging and that's a good thing. With this course you really apply C what is a completely different experience than to learn some theory and implement snippets. The only thing I really miss in this course are UML like diagrams to provide a better overview. Sometimes it's hard to follow when you have a struct containing other structs that contain even more structs....all deeply nested...some diagrams would really help here. So I have it draw it myself to don't lose myself ;-) Anyway, a great course and I'm happy that there's still 90% left for me. I'm confident that after this course my C skills will have improved dramatically :-D Cheers

Very good course! Very clearly to explain the complicated topic! AMAZING! And when the 3rd module will be released? Looking forward to it!

I'm just now returning to this course after several months, so the review is of my impression without having completed the full course. In summary, WOW! Daniel is easily one of the best online instructors I have learned from. Clarity of lessons, pace of instruction and his availability to respond to questions is nearly unparalleled. And, all of that is combined with a topic (creating a C compiler) which is probably only available here. Highly recommended for anyone interested in learning what a compiler does.

A wonderful course that goes very in depth. I've been looking for a course like this, and this was exactly what I needed.


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