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Find out the most effective cyber security measures to help keep your company’s personal data and those of your clients safe from cybercriminals!

This is the most comprehensive and very practical cyber security awareness training for employees on Udemy! While the course covers all aspects of cyber security awareness, no prior knowledge of cyber security or IT skills is required. The narration is in day-to-day language that can be easily understood by anyone regardless of their educational background. What you’ll learn from this cyber security awareness training is absolutely essential if you interface with computers daily and may be at risk of experiencing cyberattacks.

This cyber security awareness training covers a wide variety of topics, including:

  • an introduction to cyber security

  • social engineering manipulation

  • phishing and other data-retrieval attempts

  • malware and other hardware attacks

  • how to keep your accounts safe

  • how to make your internet usage more secure

  • cloud security

  • ..and much more!

Practical simulations are used to provide hands-on practice in several important cyber security areas: first, how to recognize phishing emails; next, how to prevent computer damage by identifying and removing malware applications; and, finally, how to validate a website’s security strength.

Each section will be followed by a short quiz to confirm your understanding of the material. At the end of the course, you will be given a comprehensive final exam.

This course includes lifetime access to hours of videos, more than 40 lectures, and, of course, our ongoing monthly vlog that discusses the latest cyber security threats and the best prevention protocols!

The cyber security awareness training comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, which means if you’re not satisfied, you will get your money back! Do you have a question you need to ask? SIA’s cyber security experts are available 24/7. Simply leave a question or comment in the “Questions and Answers” section, and someone will reply ASAP.

Time is money. So what are you waiting for? Enroll now in the Complete Cyber Security Awareness Training for Employees to enrich your knowledge and advance your career in a thrilling hands-on way!

What you'll learn

  • the nature & extent of the latest cybersecurity threats

  • how to detect & prevent social engineering attacks

  • how to recognize & avoid phishing attacks (for example, links & emails that falsely replicate authentic websites & email accounts)

  • how to create strong passwords & why some passwords aren’t effective

  • how to create & use authentication techniques (MFA or multi-factor authentication, and 2FA or two-factor authentication)

  • why using a Virtual Private Network (or VPN) has advantages

  • how to prevent piggybacking and tailgating

  • the importance of cloud security, who manages it & the basic concepts involved

  • how to detect & deflect cyber threats & attacks

  • the different forms that phishing attacks can take (spear phishing, whaling, smishing & vishing)

  • protection against malware applications & attacks

  • how to use passphrases & password management tools

  • how to identify & avoid unsecured websites (& practice checking for these in a simulated environment)

  • how to protect your computer against visual hacking and hackers who execute “sneak peeking” attacks

  • how to encrypt & protect sensitive data using asymmetric & symmetric encryption


  • Access to internet

Who this course is for

  • Any employee who wants to learn the basics of cyber security to work safely

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SIA Global Security

Dragon Zap Instructor

We are a team of global security experts who offer exclusive trainings to both students and corporations for a 360° preparation in all the most relevant security fields. Transnational Organized Crime, Terrorism & Counter-Terrorism, and Ethical Hacking are just a few of the courses SIA offers. Our courses are carefully researched and developed by International Security specialists, Cybersecurity experts and military veterans with assistance from e-learning specialists who are able to package the information offered in a thorough yet easily understood format that doesn’t require a university degree to process. At the same time, SIA courses provide an in-depth approach to their subjects, going beyond the random information you will find on public news media outlets. SIA courses are designed for students who are willing and able to challenge what they see and hear, in order to develop a deeper understanding of their subject.

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