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“This is a great course so far. Even though some parts I am already familiar with, there's always something to learn. For example in the comments lesson there wa“


“No nonsense to the point development, exactly what it says on the tin. I thoroughly enjoyed the course, sometimes it was a little too quick for me, but that jus“

“Again a course of this tutor which belongs to the best I have ever seen. Excellent!“

“I love the content. Daniel is the best. as always. The only thing I could suggest , is to use a better video player and not the default html one. One that saves“

“Very good course! Very clearly to explain the complicated topic! AMAZING! And when the 3rd module will be released? Looking forward to it!“

“Excellent! Truly understandable source code and explanations. Thanks very much. Please also publish printed books on compiler implementation.“

“The instructor speaks clearly and the videos are easy to follow, despite the challenging content (for me, at least lol). Every video has a clear diff attached w“

“A wonderful course that goes very in depth. I've been looking for a course like this, and this was exactly what I needed.“

“A truly wonderful course - Always wanted to know what's going on when I compile stuff & for like minded folk I thoroughly recommend this course. Daniel explains“

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